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$30 Organic Box

$30 Organic Box


You'll receive a variety of 7 to 9 different fruits and vegetables in each box. Each box will also include a 50g clam of Social Harvest's microgreens. 


The contents of the boxes will vary from week-to-week according to what is of best value and what is the freshest! All items contained in the box are grown with organic practices and materials.


*No substitutions or special requests available.

  • Please review our refund policies.           

  • Item Quantity Average grocery store price
    Local Idared Apples 4 $4.00
    Bananas 2 lbs $1.25
    Kiwi 600 grams $4.00
    Oranges, Navel 4 $5.00
    Carrots 2 lbs $2.00
    Cooking onions     2 lbs $2.00
    Russet potatoes 10 lbs $4.00
    Broccoli 1 head $4.00
    Celery 1 bunch $3.00
    Romaine Hearts pack of 3 $4.75


    Depending on where you shop, the contents of our $20 box would cost you between $32.00 and $38.00!


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