MarketMobile Cancellations


The MarketMobile team is dedicated to remaining fully operational year-round. However, there are certain conditions under which it is neither feasible nor safe to operate the Market, such as inclement weather, truck repairs, under-staffing, and other unforeseen circumstances.

1. A Market may be cancelled due to under-staffing or truck repairs, in this event, the MarketMobile Team will alert customers and site coordinators as soon as possible.

2. A Market may be cancelled due to inclement weather*, in which case, the MarketMobile Team will alert customers and site coordinators by 4:00 PM the day prior to the scheduled event. The MarketMobile reserves the right to cancel its operations under the following weather conditions:

  • Forecasted temperatures exceed 25°C or the humidex exceeds 30°C.

  • Forecasted temperatures are inferior to -15°C or the wind chill is inferior to -20°C.

  • Forecasted snowfall is equal or greater than 10 cm or more over the next 24 hours.

  • A weather warning is an effect by Environment and Natural Resources Canada.


3. A site coordinator may cancel a market for any reason, but they are required to advise the MarketMobile team five (5) working days in advance of the scheduled event.

All cancellations will be communicated to customers on the website landing page and by our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter following the aforementioned timelines.  


*All weather-related decisions are made using the information available on for Ottawa (Kanata-Orleans), observed at the Ottawa Macdonald-Carter International Airport.

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